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Citizen Summary

Citizen Summary

Your guide to The City’s business plans and budgets.

Ways to view the Citizen Summary:

  1. Use the left hand navigation to move through the online Citizen Summary.
  2. Download the complete Action Plan 2015-2018 Citizen Summary.
  3. Print copies of the Citizen Summary can be found at City Recreation Facilities, Calgary Public Libraries, at the municipal complex, or you can print your own after downloading the file above.

What is the Citizen Summary?

The Citizen Summary is designed to inform citizens about Action Plan. It helps citizens understand City budgets and property taxes, and shows what City services are provided on a department-by-department basis. For more detailed information about The City of Calgary’s complete Action Plan 2015-2018, please visit the complete Action Plan.

Understanding City Finances

Action Plan infographic 1

 Action Plan infographic 2