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Council Priorities

Council Priorities


Council Priorities focus on outcomes. They set the direction for the next four years to achieve a desired future for Calgarians. All five Council Priorities are equally important. Council Priorities are about people and are the heart of what we do. Council Priorities focus on Calgarians and the services they want and need so that citizens can achieve their goals. 

See the Council Priorities FAQ for more information.  

A Four-Year Plan for Calgary

The five Council Priorities and associated Strategic Actions provide the focus for the business plans and budgets for 2015 - 2018. This document provides:

  • A summary of the key areas of focus by The City for each Strategic Action;
  • Highlights of the performance targets to be achieved by 2018; and
  • An overview of operating and capital investments for each Council Priority.

Over the four-year cycle, Departments will report regularly on the progress of achieving the four-year plans and budgets through mid-year and year-end accountability reports. The annual Business Plan and Budget Adjustment process also presents the opportunity for Departments to adjust their actions in response to unforeseen circumstances, such as an economic downtown or an environmental disaster.

Detailed department business plans and budgets can be viewed online. A pdf version ofA Four-Year Plan for Calgary is also available online.

Our Vision

For thousands of years, people have met at the confluence of two vital rivers to imagine and realize their futures. Together, we have built a city of energy, born of a powerful convergence of people, ideas and place. Together, we continue to imagine Calgary and a community where:

  • We are each connected to one another. Our diverse skills and heritage interweave to create a resilient communal fabric, while our collective spirit generates opportunity, prosperity and choice for all of us.
  • We are each connected to our places. We treasure and protect our natural environment. Magnificent mountain vistas and boundless prairie skies inspire each of us to build spaces worthy of our surroundings.
  • We are each connected to our communities. Whether social, cultural or physical, these communities are mixed, safe and just. They welcome meaningful participation from everyone, and people move freely between them.
  • We are each connected beyond our boundaries. We understand our impact upon and responsibility to others. Our talent and caring, combined with a truly Canadian sense of citizenship, make positive change across Alberta, throughout Canada and around the world.

We can make it happen!

With purpose, drive and passion, Calgary will be a model city, one that looks after the needs of today’s citizens and those to come.

(source: imagineCALGARY)

A prosperous city

Calgary continues to grow as a magnet for talent, a place where there is opportunity for all, and the best place in Canada to start and grow a business. Read about the strategic actions for this Priority.

A city of inspiring neighbourhoods

Every Calgarian lives in a safe, mixed and just neighbourhood, and has the opportunity to participate in civic life. Read about the strategic actions for this Priority.

A city that moves

People and goods can move well and safely throughout the city, using a variety of convenient, affordable, accessible and efficient transportation choices. Read about the strategic actions for this Priority.

A healthy and green city

We steward our air, land, and water while encouraging healthy lifestyles for all Calgarians. Read about the strategic actions for this Priority.

A well-run city

Calgary’s government is open, responsive, accountable and transparent, delivering excellent services at a fair price. We work with our government partners to ensure we have the tools we need. Read more about the strategic actions for this priority.

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