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Action Plan

2018 Adjustments

The 2018 Adjustments recommendations focus on the operating budget and the need to realign operating expenses with revenues given the new economic reality. Administration has also included information and recommendations on The City’s reserves at the end of 2016 and the results of the 2017 Triennial Reserves Review to provide a complete picture of The City’s finances to Council before they make decisions on the budget.

More 2018 Adjustments

Action Plan Overview

On 2014 November 24, Council approved Action Plan 2015-2018 after significant public engagement and approval of Council Priorities and Strategic Actions to guide the development of the plans and budgets.

With approximately $22 billion investment in capital infrastructure and City services in Calgary during 2015-2018, Action Plan ​​connects The City's day-to-day operations with long-term plans, citizen engagement, performance measurement and reporting, trends, our long range plans and, of course, Council Priorities. 

Action Plan helps ensure The City's path forward is the right one. Everything The City has planned - new roads, recreation centres, snow clearing and all the other services - is included with Action Plan, moving us toward achieving our City’s long-term goals, as outlined in by Council in its 2015-2018 Priorities.

Visit these sections to learn more about Action Plan 2015 – 2018!

Citizen Summary – Your guide to The City’s business plans and budgets

Action Plan – The overview and four-year business plans and budgets for The City of Calgary.

Council Priorities – Five Priorities which set the direction for the next four years.

What’s next?

Action Plan is a living document that will adapt with Calgary's changing needs. As part of this process, The City reports to Council twice yearly on budget, performance and plans. Council considers budget and plan adjustments for approval every November. Annual adjustments allow City Council and Administration to respond to emerging events and unexpected issues (economic, demographic, financial), and maintain the integrity of four-year plans and budgets.

Action Plan Check In

In addition to annual adjustments, a more comprehensive adjustments process is being introduced for 2017-2018 known as Action Plan Check In. The process includes an ongoing dialogue between Calgarians, Council and city Administration and starts in February 2016. It will provide Council with critical information to make informed decisions about changes to the business plans and budgets.

Accountability Reporting

Mid-year and year-end accountability reports provide an update on the status of all Council Priorities major service initiatives, key accomplishments, department budget performance and upcoming challenges.
The City also prepares a Corporate Annual Report & Audited Financial Statements, as required by the Municipal Government Act. It includes a high-level review of accomplishments, as well as annual Financial Statements and the external Auditor's Report.

Action Plan highlights

Action Plan highlights over the four-years include:

  • Launch of the Green Line Transitway and introduction of 4-car CTrain service, as well as modest increases to Transit and Access Calgary hours.
  • Advance technology to improve citizen ebusiness, including Open Data, and 311.
  • Continued investments in flood resilient infrastructure and flood recovery.
  • Replace two City bridges as well as several major road reconstructions and construction of three interchanges.
  • Develop resilience and emergency response capacity, including new fire stations, an upgraded 9-1-1 system, new Fire, Police and Bylaw officers.
  • Build four new Recreation Centres and a new Central Library.
  • Renew community public space & facilities, including upgrades to established parks, recreation athletic parks, and established area pools.
  • Implement the Community Affordable Housing Strategy and advance the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative, 10-year Economic Strategy, and Arts Development Strategy.
  • Improve the planning approval process; implement stakeholder advisory groups.
  • Implement residential Green Cart program, multi-family recycling and industrial, commercial and institutional waste diversion strategy.
  • Expand snow and ice control operations to include sidewalks, walkways and bikeways.
  • Increased performance measures and benchmarking across The Corporation, Business Tax consolidation, exploration of alternative funding sources, and City Charter negotiations.
  • A Leadership Contract with City Council to ensure individual responsibility and collective accountability through all areas of The Corporation.


Mayor Nenshi

Letter from Mayor Nenshi

Fellow Calgarians: This is your document. Action Plan is based on a month of engagement, and discussion with thousands of Calgarians...