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Biophysical Impact Assessment: birds and bats surveys

The second phase of the wind assessment project, a Biophysical Impact assessment, started in May 2013. The City of Calgary confirmed with Alberta Sustainable Resource Development ( that the scope of work for the biophysical impact assessment needs to be pre and post construction surveys for birds and bats. There is no need for other type of wildlife or riparian vegetation surveys as the site is already developed.

The pre and post construction surveys are required to measure birds and bats activities on the site, identify potential risks and complete a mitigation plan, as required. An Environmental Consultant with extensive expertise on this type of work will be completing the surveys between May and November 2013.

The pre-construction bird surveys will identify the presence or absence of bird species on site and includes a habitat assessment to determine potential for Species at Risk (SAR). Two types of pre-construction bird surveys will be completed:

  • Migratory bird survey, to understand migratory patterns of waterfowl, songbirds or raptors.
  • Breeding bird surveys, to identify the baseline habitat use (e.g. preferred nesting location and patterns), abundance and diversity of breeding birds in the area.
  • Pre and post construction bats surveys will also be completed to collect data on the presence and distribution of both resident and migratory bat species on the site. The surveys will be completed, between May and October 2013, using bat detectors.

    Post construction surveys will be conducted after the small wind turbine is installed, if feasible. The post construction surveys will monitor the potential impacts of the small wind turbine on bird and bat populations. If significant impacts are identified, special mitigations measures will be put in place.

    Data from all surveys will be incorporated into The Fisheries and Wildlife Management Information System (FWMIS) database (


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