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Is a small wind turbine feasible for Bearspaw OWC?

The Operations Workplace Centre (OWC) Program includes environmental sustainability initiatives.

A three-phase project began in fall 2012 on the Bearspaw OWC site to see what options we have to harness the power of the wind and sun on City of Calgary work sites. Wind and solar assessments are the first phase of this project.

Project phases

There are many steps between starting the wind and solar assessments and deciding if a small wind turbine and solar panels are installed. The project plan is divided into three phases:

  • Wind and solar assessments: about 12 months
    • Measuring the wind speed and the main direction the wind is coming from.
    • Assessing existing buildings on site to figure out the amount of weight that could be safely added to the roofs. This determines if the buildings are right for solar panels.
  • Biophysical Impact assessments: about 12 months
    • Study the possible impacts a small wind turbine could have on the environment, including animals and plants in the area. 
      As the area is already disturbed, Alberta Sustainable Resource Development confirmed that only birds and bats surveys should be completed. 
    • Ideally, these assessments can begin part way through the wind and solar assessments phase.
  • Wind turbine approvals and installation: at least 12 months
    • This phase only takes place if the previous steps were successful.
    • Approvals are required by The City of Calgary (funding; development/building permits, if required) and the Alberzxcvzv1`a Utilities Commission.

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