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Sustainable Building Policy

The City of Calgary is committed to a Triple ​Bott​om Line​ approach throughout its policies and operations. The Triple Bottom Line approach means that Council and City staff will consider and address the sustainable principles of social, economic and environmental impacts in its operations. The City of Calgary is developing sustainable buildings that enhance the indoor and outdoor environments, reduce the impact on natural resources and provide long-term economic savings to the citizens of Calgary.


Under The City of Calgary'sSustainable Building Policy, all new occupied City-owned and City-funded buildings in excess of 500m2 must meet or exceed the Gold level of the LEED® New Construction rating system. Major renovations of occupied facilities must meet or exceed either the Certified level of the LEED® New Construction rating system or the Silver level of the LEED® Commercial Interiors rating system. Minor renovations, unoccupied buildings, landscape/non-building infrastructure, and building less than 500m2 are directed to follow The City of Calgary's Sustainable Building Best Practices. Calgary was the first Canadian municipality to adopt a sustainable building policy.The Sustainable Buildings Partnership Program was developed to enable compliance with the Sustainable Building Policy by indentifying and/or improving the efficiency of existing corporate infrastructure.


City of Calgary Owned/Funded LEED® Certified Buildings

Sustainable Building Policy Annual Report

Design guidelines for City of Calgary Funded Buildings

City of Calgary Corporate Energy Plan and Strategy​  ​