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Data Licensing Policy

The City of Calgary policy regarding access to all Corporate data states that:

  • The City of Calgary electronic data is a Corporate asset with value and its access and use is controlled
  • The City of Calgary electronic data is always restricted by copyright protection and restrictions may be placed on its use

Data license agreements are used to exercise appropriate controls over corporate data usage. The license agreements define the terms under which a licensee can obtain access to corporate data. These licenses define the following:

  • The license product
  • Use of the license product
  • The type of license granted
  • The license fees
  • GST
  • Term of the license
  • Considerations regarding liability
  • Ownership of the data
  • Conditions of use
  • Records of use
  • Audit considerations
  • Considerations upon termination of the agreement

Intellectual Property Access & Marketing provides traditional licensing services for custom data licensing agreements and on-line clickwrap licensing requests for standard tabular and spatial corporate data sets. For more information on The City of Calgary's Data Licensing Policy, call 3-1-1 or  from outside of Calgary, dial 403-268-CITY (2489).

On-line clickwrap data licensing is available for many tabular and spatial data sets through CITYonline.

Other data sets, and larger purchases of data may be licensed by contacting The City of Calgary. Visit the How To Buy page for details.