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Map Gallery
Fast. Easy. Organized.

The City of Calgary Map Gallery uses exciting new technology to provide citizens and staff with an organized collection of online Calgary maps. It comes complete with interaction improvements to not only view locations but also learn about City of Calgary facilities and services, events and much more. These new and easy to use maps are designed with stakeholder interests and needs in mind, categorized in groups that make sense. There are over 30 maps available in the Gallery, and each tells its own unique story. A listing of maps in each category is provided below:
A listing of maps in each category is provided below:
Animals and Pets Arts and Culture Children and Youth Public Safety
Mayor and the Council Sports and Recreation Waste and Recycling Development, Building and Renovations
Parks and Green Spaces Transportation and Roads     Water Search the Map
*Denotes the map is hosted externally to the Map Gallery.

This new Map Gallery was created to further improve the way we share City information, using location-based maps to not only show locations of services but also lead stakeholders to relevant information about that service. The Map Gallery is complete with over 30 maps telling a unique ‘story’, all based from citizen and staff feedback received through surveys, meetings and usability testing. This feedback has helped shape the evolution of The City of Calgary’s online mapping.


Want to see the Map Gallery? It’s fast and easy to find. Simply go to, and click on the Map link. Then you can easily select the map of your choice, or choose a category to browse the gallery.

For instructions on how to use the Map Gallery, click on the icon within the map itself. Here you will find more information about the map you are viewing, instructions on how to use it, and the features available. Call 3-1-1 if you require more information.

Every map has a story – which one do you want to read? Go to The City of Calgary Map Gallery today!