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The City's role in wireless infrastructure deployment

We aim to support local innovation by enabling future technology deployment in our communities, while ensuring the well-being and interests of Calgarians remain the highest priority.

The term 5G stands for the fifth generation of cellular wireless technology. This new technology is a critical step for building connected, resilient and smart cities that will support new technologies.

For cities around the globe, including Calgary, the introduction of 5G technology means the introduction of a new type of wireless infrastructure that will need to be installed in our communities. 5G networks are designed to work in conjunction with 4G networks using a range of macro cells and small cells.

These cellular radio access nodes will attach to infrastructure like poles and buildings to fill data capacity gaps and boost the density of their networks. Small cells are, on average, about the size of a pizza box and typically have very short connection ranges. We anticipate that the volume of small cells will be high, to ensure coverage of the network, once Wireless Service Providers (WSPs) have fully built out their networks.