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On the weekend of May 26-27, 2018, The City of Calgary hosted Hackathon 2018: Pedestrian Comfort. This was the very first time that The City of Calgary hosted a themed Hackathon, asking participants channeling their creative energy into using open data to develop something (it could be an app, a map, a mobile feature, etc.) to help increase pedestrian comfort in our city.
The event was a true success, with participants creating solutions that aligned to one of the three categories of pedestrian comfort: play, safety and health.

The winners in each category were:

Play: Create something that helps people use our streets in a new ways and encourages community.
  • Team ‘Near Here’    solution to crowd-source data of “What’s great” near various venues
Safety: Create something that helps increase pedestrian safety on Calgary’s streets.
  • Team ‘Pathfinders’     solution to develop wayfinding and time estimates for traversing the +15 system
Health: Create something that helps encourage Calgarians to get outside and be active.
  • Team ‘Kinetic YYC’    solution that helps citizens start or join an activity or group to enhance healthy and active lifestyle


Thank you to all those who participated in this year’s hackathon event.

Interested in the worlds of data and pedestrian comfort? Check out some of our recently added datasets to get some inspiration for your next big idea: Pedestrian Collision Injuries, Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Collisions, Flood extents from June 22, 2013, Bridges, and Rainfall Data (now updated daily!).

Interested in checking out all of the data made available by The City? Stop by our Open Calgary portal today.