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Cat identification

Proper identification for your cat is an essential part of responsible cat ownership. When a cat is lost, proper identification makes it easier for the cat to be reunited with their owner. The most important type of cat identification is the pet's licence. In Calgary, all cats must be licensed at three-months of age. A properly licensed cat will have a licence, may wear the tag and will have a readable microcihp or legible tatoo.

Microchip implant

A microchip implant is a reliable form of permanent identification for your cat. Microchips are smaller than a grain of rice and are inserted under the skin by a veterinarian. They contain a code that identifies the cat’s owner, address and phone number. Calgary's animal shelters and veterinary clinics have scanners to read lost pets' microchips so cats can be quickly reunited with their owners.

Things to remember when micro-chipping a pet

  • If you change addresses or phone numbers please update the microchip contact information that will be given out when the microchip number is called in. To do this contact the vet clinic that inserted the microchip or the microchip company directly.
  • When licensing your cat ensure that Animal Services has the proper microchip number recorded for your pet.


Tattoos can be applied to the inside of a cat's ear by a veterinarian. This procedure is usually combined with spay or neuter surgery since the cat must undergo a general anaesthetic to get a tattoo. Unfortunately, over time tattoos can smear or fade, becoming difficult to read.