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Microchipping your cat or dog

Unlike tags, which can be lost, or tattoos which can be hard to read, a microchip is a reliable form of permanent identification for your cat or dog. Microchips are smaller than a grain of rice and are inserted under the skin by a veterinarian. The procedure is simple, quick and relatively painless and can usually be done without the use of a general anaesthetic. Calgary's animal shelters and veterinary clinics are equipped with scanners that can read microchips and identify the animal's owner, address and phone number. This information can help us to quickly reunite you with your pet if it is ever lost.

Things to remember when micro-chipping a cat or dog 

  • If you change your address or phone number please update the contact information that will be given out when the microchip number is called in. To do this contact the vet clinic that inserted the microchip or the microchip company directly. Out-dated information may lead to difficulties returning the animal to you.
  • When licensing your cat or dog please ensure that Animal & Bylaw Services has the proper microchip number recorded for your pet to help them return the animal to you.
  • Micro-chipped pets must still be licensed with The City of Calgary.

For more information on micro chipping, please contact your veterinarian.