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How to apply for a taxi or limousine licence

Application Requirements

To apply for a taxi or limousine driver’s licence, you must visit the Livery Transport Services office and produce a valid class 1, 2 or 4 Alberta Driver’s Licence and original proof of eligibility to work in Canada such as:
  • Canadian Birth Certificate
  • Canadian Citizenship card or certificate
  • Canadian Permanent Resident card
  • Current Work Permit
All documents must be originals, with matching names and spellings.  If applicable, name change documentation must be provided.
To receive a taxi driver's licence, you must register for the two-day the Livery Driver Training Program. This program focuses on driver safety, passengers with disabilities and relevant bylaw information. 
A training course fee is payable at the time of registration and includes all course materials and exam rewrites, if required.
Attendance for the Livery Driver Training Program is mandatory. A minimum grade of 80 per cent is required to successfully pass the program.
Limousine licence applicants must obtain a minimum grade of 80 per cent on the limousine exam.

Addtional taxi and limousine licence requirements

All applicants are required to complete the following requirements:
  • Calgary Police Service Information Check – This is completed at the Livery Transport Services office and relevant fees apply.  A favourable recommendation from Calgary Police Service is required in order to obtain a taxi or limousine driver’s licence.  Applicants can expect to wait approximately two to three weeks for their Calgary Police Service Information Check to be returned to the Livery Transport Services office.  A licence is not issued until a recommendation has been received.

Once all post training qualifications are completed, a taxi or limousine driver’s licence may be attained.  Licensing fees apply. 

The first licence is valid from the date of issue to the driver's next birthday. Subsequent licences will be issued yearly from the driver’s birthday.  All taxi or limousine driver’s licences must be renewed upon each expiry.

Important information about your licence application

It is important to note that if an application for a taxi or limousine licence is not advanced by the applicant for thirty (30) days, then the application is deemed abandoned and the application fee is forfeited to The City.