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Industry Training Certificates

Talk to a career and employment counsellor at YEC to find out if you are eligible for these training opportunities - at No Cost to Youth

Construction Safety Training Systems
Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) is computer based training for individuals interested in working in the construction industry. The Alberta Construction Safety Association oversees this course around Alberta. CSTS has changed from a CD-ROM format to an online flash format. This change allows clients to study from home or another computer outside of the Youth Employment Centre. The program is flexible so that participants can work through the modules at their own convenience.

The program has grown from 12 modules with 50 topics to 15 modules with 81 topics. It takes an average 6-8 hours to work through all of the modules. A proctor is needed to activate module quizzes. Participants may study the modules at home, but must do the quizzes at a registered proctoring test centre. The Youth Employment Centre is a registered proctor of CSTS tests and quizzes.

If you are interested in taking CSTS, you can work with a counsellor at YEC and register if it fits with your career goals.

WHMIS is a national hazard communication system. The purpose behind WHMIS training is to inform employers and workers who may use potentially hazardous materials so that they have the knowledge to work safely. The three key areas that are taught through WHMIS training are product labels (supplier and work site), Material Safety Data Sheets, and worker education (preventative measure, first aid measures, and confidential business information). Clients who take WHMIS training through YEC must have a minimum score of80% to receive a certification card. The test takes clients an average of one hour.

First Aid/CPR
The Youth Employment Centre (YEC) has one trained Canadian Red Cross First Aid/CPR Instructor who delivers workshops to YEC clients. This is a free service for clients who are registered with the Youth Employment Centre. The Youth Employment Centre First Aid Instructor also delivers training to youth involved in partnered programs like Discovering Your Opportunities and Born to Be.

The levels of training offered at YEC are Standard First Aid/CPR Level C.

Standard First Aid deals with life-threatening emergencies and includes other topics such as injuries to bones, muscles and joints, head and spine injuries, sudden medical emergencies, wounds, poisons, and heat and cold related emergencies. Standard First Aid is a two day course.

For both levels of training clients must be able to sit and participate for 7.5 hours and be able to read at a minimum Grade 8 Level. Clients who complete either level of training are certified for 3 years (from the date of certification).

ProServe Certification is required for all people serving, selling liquor or providing security in a licensed premise as of January 1, 2010. Training topics include legal responsibilities and liabilities of licensees and servers, identifying intoxication, responsible service strategies, handling situations involving minors, and discontinuing or refusing service or sale of alcohol. Staff training helps to reduce the problems caused by underage drinking, over-consumption, impaired driving and liquor-related violence.

Youth interested in taking ProServe must meet with a counsellor to make sure it meets their career goals and be 18 years old. ProServe Training is offered on-line through the Youth Employment Centre and must be completed within 30 days from the date of activation. Clients can complete ProServe in the YEC computer lab.

For more information on these training programs please call 403-268-2490.

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