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FCSS resources

Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) is a joint municipal-provincial funding program established to support and fund preventive social services. This page provides easy access to application, reporting and related resources needed by agencies for their FCSS-funded programs.



FCSS resources

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​The Theory of Change is the cornerstone of FCSS Calgary’s contract with an agency for delivering a program. All new and ongoing programs require a one-page Theory of Change statement.

FCSS provides several resources for agencies applying for funding. 

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FCSS-funded organizations must submit annual year-end reports on the FIMS database. Report types depend on the nature of the funded program or initiative (e.g. Increasing Social Inclusion, Policy or Systems Change, or Community Development for Strengthening Neighborhoods):

For Social inclusion programs: All organizations funded for increasing social inclusion programs must complete a program year-end report and must also use the FCSS Social Inclusion Indicators (FSII) surveys for pre- and post-testing of program participants.

FSII data reporting: All FCSS-funded organizations that report on FSII are contractually required to collect and enter FSII data on an ongoing basis. The indicator surveys selected for a program are based on the strategies and rationale identified to achieve the program goal. Organizations that are signing a contract with FCSS for the first time will work with an FCSS social planner to select indicator surveys, and learn how to access the FSII online database.​

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​Organizations will need to submit an audited financial statement for all operations of the organization, including a statement of revenue and expenses for programs or initiatives funded by FCSS.

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​Organizations receiving FCSS funding are required to work with their Social Planner to select the most suitable indicators to measure their program impact. The selected indicators are then added to the program’s Theory of Change.

A list of all the possible indicators to measure social inclusion outcomes used by FCSS is contained in the FSII All Surveys (Aug. 2015) list below, along with other useful outcome measurement resources.

Most FSII survey questions have been drawn from standardized surveys used to measure specific outcomes.

FSII Myth Busters

We love clearing up common misperceptions about FSII data and research. We publish the FSII Myth Buster in each issue of the quarterly FCSS newsletter. See the full list here.

Find more information about FCSS.​​