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SROI and other initiatives


Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology is a principles-based approach that values change for people and the environment that would otherwise not be valued. It assigns monetary value to traditionally non-valued things such as the environment and social value.

Understanding SROI
The following is a brief overview of SROI analysis as one tool among many that assist to communicate the impact of preventive social programs, Understanding SROI.

SROI Case Studies
In 2008-2009, FCSS supported two SROI-facilitated learning groups, in which senior managers from social service agencies came together to learn how to become more effective at demonstrating their social value. FCSS-funded agencies continue to access one-time, capacity-building funds to complete SROI analysis of their programs. Below is a list of funded case studies:

Sector reviews

FCSS has conducted several sector reviews over the past few years. Reports from each review can be downloaded from this site.

Immigrant sector

Family and sexual violence sector

Seniors sector

Homeless family sector