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Community Action on Mental Health and Addiction initiatives in development

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Governance for the Community Action on Mental Health and Addiction Strategy is currently being established, including the Stewardship Group and Community Investment Table. The strategy and collaborative implementation plan will be presented to Council by the end of 2020.​

In 2020, up to $3 million will provide a second year of funding for eligible projects that are currently funded through the Prevention Investment Framework with Mental Health and Addiction Lens. This will ensure that ongoing projects and supports demonstrating positive results are in place for individuals, families and the community.

Additionally, $1 million will be allocated to testing new initiatives through a fast pilot process, to be developed by the Mental Health and Addiction Community Investment Table.​

Additional community safety actions are currently underway, including:

  • Increased security surveillance in Central Memorial Park.
  • Partnering with The Calgary Drop-In Centre to deliver Engaging Vulnerable People (EVP) training to City staff. EVP focuses on non-violent crisis intervention techniques and de-escalation skills, sensitivity skills for communicating with vulnerable persons, and education on community resources.
  • Initiating Crime Prevention Through Environtmental Design (CPTED). Review Central Memorial Park to enhance safety by influencing physical design and encouraging positive social interaction.