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Neighbour Day FAQs


The following is a list of some of the more commonly asked questions regarding Neighbour Day.



Neighbour Day FAQ - Permits

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Yes, The City of Calgary requires citizens to obtain a block party permit prior to closing a roadway for entertainment purposes. In your application you must include a map showing the location of the block party and the location of the temporary street closure.

Block party permits are required for Neighbour Day events that take place on:

  • One street*
  • A cul-de-sac
  • A back alley

Greenspace permits are required for Neighbour Day events that take place in a:

  • Park or greenspace

Permits are NOT required for Neighbour Day events that take place at a:

  • House
  • Backyard
  • Garage
  • Common area or room in condo building
  • Community centre (inside)
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As of January 1, 2019 The City has waived fees for block party permits. The City is waiving the $52.17 parks venue booking fees for approved Neighbour Day events held on June 15, 2019.

Even though the fee for approved events is waived, proper permits are required to help ensure the safety of those individuals in attendance and to help identify any potential scheduling conflicts.

Examples of scheduling conflicts could include:

  • Your neighbours are moving and need access to the street for their moving truck
  • The picnic space at the park has already been reserved by another group
  • The street is being closed that day for scheduled City maintenance
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Applicants must obtain a signed petition from all residents who will be impacted by the block party. The petition must be signed by the majority (80 per cent) of residents on the block including their names and addresses.

Please have residents indicate their approval or disapproval of the event. If a resident disapproves they should explain why.

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Block parties can be set up between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. as per the weekend noise bylaw. More information about the noise bylaw can be found under Section 9 of the Community Standards Bylaw (#5M2004).

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Yes. The block must be occupied predominantly by owner/residents. The applicant must remain at the block party until its conclusion. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the city right-of-way. No open fires are permitted on the city right-of-way.

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The City of Calgary requires applications for block party permits & park venue bookings for June 15 events to be submitted by May 24, three weeks in advance of Neighbour Day. If you are applying for other kinds of permits needed for bigger events or because a feature of your event requires them (a special event and festival permit), those applications must be submitted 90 days in advance of Neighbour Day.

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The City must review and approve all Neighbour Day applications individually to ensure they qualify to have their permit fees waived.

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No, only block party permit and green space permit fees for approved events are waived on Neighbour Day. Please note that permits for athletic parks, playfields and arenas are not waived for Neighbour Day.

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Please contact for more information and to discuss the details of your event.

Food and alcohol


Neighbour Day FAQ - Food

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For more information regarding food service please contact Alberta Health Services.

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No, alcoholic beverages are not permitted on City roadways.

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The inclusion of alcohol would make your event in-eligible for Neighbour Day. If you would like more information regarding alcohol at special events, please contact Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission.

If you would like to continue with your event with alcohol please visit Calgary Festivals and events for further details.



Neighbour Day FAQ - Gaming

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All gaming in Alberta, including raffles, require a license. For more information please contact the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission.