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Neighbour Day permits business events

​This page will provide you with all the information you need to obtain the following permits for your business event.

After you complete your permit application, proceed to Step 3 to invite The Mayor, your councillor and your local heroes.

Block party and greenspace permits

If you are a business, you do not qualify for a residential block party or greenspace permit. You must request a special event and festival permit.

​​Secure your event and festival permit​​​

Please note that the cost of a special event permit is not waived by The City as part of Neighbour Day.

If you have questions regarding The City’s permit policy, please contact 311 or our event services team at

Special event and festival permits

If your event has one or more of the following criteria, you will need to work with The City’s events services team to acquire a special event and festival permit. If you are applying for a special event and festival permit, applications are required to be submitted 90 days in advance of Neighbour Day.

  • 645 sq. ft. of tenting or more (i.e. more than six 10’ x 10’ tents)
  • Liquor service
  • Pyrotechnics or open flame
  • Road closure larger than one block
  • An event which requires multiple permits (i.e. road closure and greenspace)

Click here to secure your event and festival permit.