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Creating Inclusive Communities

Creating Inclusive Communities is a diversity booklet of tips and resources for community groups wanting to involve new Canadians and persons with disabilities.

Inclusion is...

Taking into consideration that diverse groups have different needs that might require extra work on your part before they can have access to the opportunities and events that everyone else has. Treating each person and group according to their needs. Everybody's responsibility. Particularly those who are part of a dominant group because they are the ones with more privilege and power to change the 'isms' in society.

Why become more inclusive?

We are becoming a more diverse society and yet, groups with diverse needs continue to experience discrimination and exclusion.

Inclusion is a part of the Canadian way:

  • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Canadian Multiculturalism Act
  • Alberta Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Act
  • Employment Equity and Human Rights
  • Calgary's declaration of Municipalities Against Racial Discrimination

Read the complete booklet Creating Inclusive Communities

Creating Inclusive Communities