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Accessible services and programs






Accessible City services and programs in your community,

Accessibility Awards Nominations

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Accessible services and programs

Accessible City services and programs in your community

Accessibility Awards Nominations

We are now accepting nominations for the 2018 Advisory Committee on Accessibility's Awards. Please submit your nominations by Friday, Nov. 16, 2018.

An accessible city benefits everyone, including people with disabilities. Here you’ll find a variety of accessible City services and programs to participate in your communities.

Transportation | Recreation | Seniors | Waste and Recycling | Emergency Preparedness | Resources and Initiatives | Accommodations and Services | Feedback


Learn about accessible transit and transportation options, pedestrian signals, parking zones and wheelchair ramps.


Learn about accessible recreation centres, inclusive classes and fee assistance programs.


Learn about home maintenance services, snow angels and community snow removal programs.

Emergency Preparedness

Learn how to prepare for an emergency and how to register for the vulnerable persons registry with the Calgary Police Service.

Resources and Initiatives

Learn about our Corporate Accessibility policy, The City’s Advisory Committee on Accessibility, our annual accessibility awards, local disability-serving agencies and more.

Accommodations and Services

We’re committed to accommodating diverse needs through a wide range of City programs and events.