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Age-Friendly Business


What is age-friendly business

Age-Friendly Business is a City of Calgary initiative to help Calgary businesses develop services and spaces that can support an aging population.

Age-Friendly Business is part of a larger initiative to prepare for an aging population called Age-Friendly Calgary. Learn more about Age-Friendly Calgary and how you can make a difference in your community.

How to be an age-friendly business

Any business can take steps to become more age-friendly. We have created an age-friendly checklist based on established best practices.

Any storefront business can use these criteria to identify strengths and weaknesses in their age-friendly characteristics. Where possible, adopting points from these criteria will improve the age-friendly nature of a business.

Download our Age-Friendly Business checklist, self assess your organization and submit your information online to be included in our Age-Friendly Business network. Businesses that meet the criteria will be sent a recognition letter and a sticker to place in their front window.

Why we need age-friendly businesses

Calgary's business community plays a tremendous role in providing goods, services, and programs to Calgarians. Our population is aging, both globally and locally, and businesses can benefit from being ready to meet the needs of older adults in an aging marketplace.

Developing a system that helps Calgary businesses increase their age-friendly characteristics is an effective way to increase awareness of Calgary's changing demographics and create an environment ready to respond during that transition.

This program also helps customers find businesses that meet their age-friendly needs by publically recognizing businesses making an effort to serve the older adult community alongside all Calgarians. Recognized business will be added to the online Age-Friendly Business map.