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Home services

Basic yard work


  • lawn cutting, trimming and raking
  • spring and fall yard clean-up
  • eaves trough cleaning

Yard work also includes limited tree and hedge trimming/pruning and branch hauling when time permits. Due to the number of yard work clients served, it may take up to 3 weeks between each lawn cutting service. Clients are responsible for providing the Work Crew with large garbage bags to collect clippings, leaves, pine cones, garbage etc.

Yard Work Crews respond to emergencies or by-law warnings as soon as possible after notification.

Snow removal


  • Snow and ice removal from sidewalks adjacent to client's property
  • Snow and ice removal from client's front walk including steps to the front door
  • Snow and ice removal from the client's back walk, from the back or side door to the garbage bin and/or garage door

Unfortunately the Work Crews are unable to remove snow from additional sidewalks, driveways or patios/decks due to time constraints.

Seniors Services Home Mainenance will shovel snow as quickly as possible however, it may take up to 5 working days between services. If the Work Crew is unable to remove stubborn ice build-up, they will lay gravel, salt or a mix depending on the client's preference.


Routine interior housework tasks are provided once per month. Tasks include: dusting, vacuuming, washing inside windows, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom (stove, fridge, bath and toilet) and floors. Some spot cleaning of walls may also be done.

Clients are required to supply the appropriate cleaning supplies and equipment.

Painting and minor repairs

Includes interior and exterior painting is provided that is necessary to adequately maintain the client's home. Repair work typically includes; fence, deck or stair repairs and/or replacement that is necessary to maintain the structure or prevent safety hazards.

Safety equipment (with the exception of wheelchair ramps) such as bars on windows or safety rails are also installed.

Requests are assessed and completed against a priority rating system. Jobs in the client's home are limited in scope and frequency (e.g. one job per year) in an effort to serve the largest number of clients possible.

Clients are required to pay for the necessary supplies and materials for their home project however; Seniors Services Home Mainenance staff will assist them in securing the best possible prices.​​​​