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Survey on Seniors Decisions to Relocate

Calgary Neighbourhoods conducted a survey to gain insights into reasons that seniors move from their homes. The survey explored a variety of factors that might contribute to relocation, including changes in family situation, preferences to move, health issues and challenges with upkeep of the home. Also examined in the survey were seniors' abilities to afford housing costs, particularly property taxes, to determine if these costs are inhibiting seniors' from remaining in their homes.

The survey was conducted by telephone with a random sample of 500 senior households in the summer of 2007. HarGroup Management Consultants Inc. was engaged to conduct the survey.

Key findings include cost of living, and specifically, housing costs are having an effect on Calgary seniors. While cost of living prompted some seniors to move from their previous homes, it is more so an issue now than it has been in the past. Indeed, respondents who will likely move in the next twelve months offered that some sort of financial augmentation, be it further personal income, housing cost decreases or government assistance would help them stay in their current residence.

While seniors are generally still able to afford the things they require, increased housing costs are becoming a barrier, with some seniors indicating that increased housing costs are making it difficult for them to buy clothing and food.

Download this document, Survey on Seniors Decisions to Relocate, for the complete survey and findings.​​