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Halloween Special Event Safety Requirements

If you’re planning a Halloween event this year, including a haunted house, you must follow all safety requirements and have all the necessary permits in place before hosting your event. Failure to comply with the Alberta Fire Code can result in your event being shut down or fines.

Call 311 to get the information you need

Halloween events are unique. Calling 311 is the best way to find out what you must do before hosting your event. This may include, completing a fire safety inspection, securing necessary building permits, and checking to make sure you’re in compliance with all bylaws including traffic bylaws.

Before you plan your event, you should also review the guidelines for hosting an indoor or outdoor special event.

Fire Safety Site Inspection

Depending on what you are doing at your event, it may require a fire safety inspection. Call 311 to find out if your event needs an inspection.

An inspection can include the following:

  • A site inspection to look for potential hazards
  • Review of the emergency response plan with property owner and any event operators
  • Inspection of all emergency exits and review of crowd movement
  • Examination of the lighting, emergency lighting, and electrical systems
  • Burn test on any materials being used
  • Review of construction

Depending on the materials you are using and the construction of the event, we may have recommnedations for fire retardant treatments or request that a building inspection be completed.

Tips for Hosting a Safe Halloween Event

Here are some construction and safety tips to keep everyone safe at your Halloween exhibit or event.

Make sure:

  • Exits and egress windows are not blocked
  • Halloween decorations, spooky props, and haunted houses are properly anchored
  • Tarps covering a space are properly supported
  • Covered steps or retaining walls do not pose a tripping hazard
  • Handrails are in place where trick-or-treaters need to use stairs, to help prevent falls

Partners for Safety

This Halloween, our Partners for Safety will be patrolling Calgary streets to give trick-or-treaters easy access to help. Should anyone need assistance, more than 800 vehicles from Transit, Bylaw, Fire, Police, and EMS will be patrolling from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Halloween. Fire stations will also be open, between emergency calls, as safe places for anyone needing help. Find out more about Halloween safety.