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Fire Safety and Prevention

Knowing how to prevent and escape from fires is important. You should keep fire safety on your mind while you are at home, work, or out enjoying Calgary's attractions. Combining safety knowledge with working fire safety equipment will help you to escape safely if there is a fire.

Call 9-1-1 immediately, if there is an emergency and you need help.
smoke alarm

Fire Safety Equipment

Having working and properly maintained fire safety equipment will help you escape your home safely during a fire.


Home Fire Safety

Fires occur most often at home. Take precautions to protect yourself.

work fire safety

Work & Public Area Fire Safety

Fires can happen anywhere. Learn how to protect yourself in case of a fire at work or while out.

school fire safety

Youth & School Fire Safety

Fire safety isn't only important at home but at school as well. We have information that teachers can teach students.

senior fire safety

Senior Fire Safety

As you get older, there are additional safety precautions you should be aware of to make sure you can escape from a fire.