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Arranging a funeral

Burnsland Cemetery
Burrnsland Cemetery

Whether you are arranging a funeral needed now or planning in advance for a future funeral, there are many things to consider and major decisions to make. Calgary Cemeteries offers some information the on the steps to take when arranging a funeral.

Arranging a funeral now

Funeral planning can be overwhelming, involving personal and family emotional stress, financial decisions and uncertainty. When a loved one passes away, you will learn there are many decisions that need to be made. Working with a licensed funeral home will help in making sound, informed decisions during a very difficult time. There are a variety of funeral homes and resources to assist with the planning process. Visit the Alberta Funeral Service Regulatory Board for more information, or refer to the local phone directory for a list of funeral service providers.

To start planning for a funeral service, consult the will of the deceased, as specific wishes may be listed. In addition, consult family and friends, or a religious or other advisor. To learn more about interment and cemetery options including memorializing a loved one, contact Calgary Cemeteries.

Funeral checklist - at need

  1. In addition to notifying friends, family and clergy, it is important to notify the proper authorities, which include but are not limited to:
    • A licensed funeral home. Typically, the funeral director will:
      • Transport the body
      • Obtain a death certificate
      • Assist with selecting a casket / urn / grave marker
      • Arrange the funeral, memorial, and / or burial service
      • Prepare the obituary
      • Help you notify the deceased's employer, attorney, insurance company and banks
      • Offer grief support or direct you to grief support resources
    • Life insurance company
    • The deceased individual's employer
  2. Set up a time to meet with a funeral director and discuss:
    • Funeral expenses
    • Gather the information required for completion of death certificate
    • Final disposition (traditional or cremation)
  3. Funeral services. Some things to consider:
    • Where the service will be conducted (funeral home, place of worhsip, graveside)
    • When the service will be conducted (before or after the burial or cremation)
  4. Flower arrangements - a funeral director will assist with this selection
  5. Choose and publish an obituary
  6. Decide who will deliver the Eulogy
  7. Accommodating out of town relatives
    • Where will they stay?
    • Do they need assistance with travel plans?

Planning a future funeral

Planning is a part of most major milestones in our lives, like weddings, family trips, purchasing a home, or retirement. Preparing funeral or cemetery arrangements in advance takes pressure off loved ones, saves money because you can purchase for tomorrow’s needs at current prices, and ensures that you receive the type of memorialization you want.

Calgary Cemeteries encourages Calgarians to consider advanced planning. There are many decisions that need to be made at the time of death. Advanced planning allows you to ease the burden on those you care about during a time of great emotional stress.

Funeral checklist - advanced planning

Advanced planning is a good way to assist your loved ones both emotionally and financially during a very difficult time. Some items you can consider in advance include selecting:

  • a cemetery lot,
  • a casket or urn,
  • a cremation niche in a columbarium,
  • above-ground crypt outside or inside the mausoleum,
  • the type of funeral or memorial service (ie. religious, military),
  • a funeral home,
  • pallbearers, music, flowers, scripture/other readings, video tributes, memorial cards, etc.,
  • a charity to receive donations in place of flowers, if preferred.

In addition, to be sure to identify your essential documents, such as, birth certificate, social insurance card, insurance policies, etc., and keep them in a safe place that is known to your executor.

For more information

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