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Cemeteries FAQ


Below are some common frequently asked questions to Calgary Cemeteries.

  1. Does The City have religious / cultural sections?
  2. St. Mary's Cemetery statue
    Statuary in St. Mary's Cemetery

    Calgary Cemeteries is non-denominational, however we do have specialized sections. For example, there are Roman Catholic and Chinese sections at Queen’s Park Cemetery. All Calgarians, regardless of religious or cultural background are welcome to choose plots in either of these sections. Calgary Cemeteries also offers a Field of Honour reserved specifically for veterans.

  3. Is Calgary Cemeteries running out of space?
  4. Demand for cemetery space is high and is expected to continue rising as a result of a growing and aging population. It is estimated that Queen’s Park Cemetery, currently has sufficient space to serve the city's needs until about 2020. A plan is in place to expand the cemetery into adjacent green space. This will allow Calgarians to continue to choose Queen's Park as their final resting place for several more years.

    The City is currently developing a 32 hectare parcel of land near Ralph Klein Park that will be home to the new Southeast Cemetery. The new cemetery is scheduled to open in late 2019 and will provide Calgary Cemeteries with an additional 25 years of cemetery space.

  5. Does The City help with flowers, food and other arrangements?
  6. No, a licensed funeral director can assist with funeral service preparations and arrangements. The City’s primary role is to provide interment space for ground burial, crypt entombment or cremation interment. Calgary Cemeteries offers a Chapel available for booking at Queen’s Park Cemetery that may be used for family services or receptions. Set up and clean-up will be provided by The City, however providing food is the responsibility of the organizer.

  7. Does The City arrange for cremation?
  8. No. Please contact a licensed funeral home to arrange for cremation. The City provides cremation interment options only. We offer several beautiful outdoor columbariums as well as the Queen’s Park Cemetery indoor mausoleum.

  9. When should I contact a licensed funeral home?
  10. Experiencing the death of a loved one can be a numbing and shocking experience, whether the death occurs unexpectedly or occurs after a long illness. In addition to contacting family and friends, one of your first phone calls should be to a licensed funeral home. Funeral homes provide expertise and guidance during a very difficult time. Among other things, funeral homes can help:

    • transport the body
    • obtain a death certificate
    • select a casket, urn and/or grave marker
    • arrange the funeral, memorial and/or burial service
    • prepare the obituary
    • help notify the deceased's employer, attorney, insurance company and banks
    • offer grief support or direct you to other resources


  11. What is a green burial?
  12. A green burial refers to earth-friendly processes and choices involved in the preparation and interment of a body. For example, green burials typically do not involve traditional embalming fluid, which is used to preserve bodies; and green burials discourage use of concrete burial vaults, which are used to house caskets underground. The intent behind green burials is to be as natural as possible, allowing nature to follow its biological course. There are varying degrees of ‘green’. Burial and interment choices may be a blend of eco-friendly and traditional choices. Ask your funeral director for more information. Visit the Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board for a list of funeral homes.