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Sue Higgins Park improvement project

boardwalk image
New timber boardwalk

The timber boardwalk in the south end of the park is now complete and open! The new boardwalk is studier and higher to allow passage through without getting wet during rainy periods. Please be respectful of the fenced seeded areas as we try to get the grass re-established in these areas.

Sue Higgins Park is a 62-hectare greenspace in Calgary's southeast that offers pathways, hiking trails, a large off-leash area and much more. The City initiated the Sue Higgins Park Improvement Project to enhance and protect the health of the park's natural areas, while also improving recreational space with consideration to off-leash and regional pathway users.

About the project

The mission of the Sue Higgins Park Improvement Project is to protect and enhance the park's natural environment and provide quality and compatible recreational activities by addressing the interests of the key park user groups, including off-leash, regional pathway users and nature enthusiasts.

Project update

Off-leash improvements in Sue Higgins Park have been completed with final components to be constructed this spring.

The existing timber boardwalk in the Southwest section of the park will be replaced with a new timber boardwalk and realigned fencing to address the “wet spot” that develops each spring. The new boardwalk will be slightly elevated and longer to allow natural spring run-off and flooding to occur while keeping users clean and dry as they cross. The realigned fencing will keep pets out of the stagnant water and mud while protecting wetland vegetation.

Additional tree planting will occur in the north end of the park to provide added tree cover and buffering along the west edge from Deerfoot Trail.

Flood Repair Update

All flood repair work has been completed and areas restored to its pre-flood use. However, as part of on-going recovery efforts, additional riparian enhancements, vegetation (weed) control and environmental monitoring will continue to ensure the ecological health of the park remains vigorous and strong. This work will occur mainly in the park’s wetland and riparian areas that are part of the nature preserves. No off-leash area use will be affected.

River Access Structure Update

Repairs and construction of both river access structures is complete and re-opened as of summer 2015. These two river access structures, along with the additional two river access areas (north and south) are safe places for park users and pets to access the water. Be aware of river flows and water conditions when using these areas and respect the protected adjacent riverbanks.