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Off-leash areas - proposed changes and new locations


The City of Calgary Parks provides over 150 public off-leash areas for Calgarians and their dogs to enjoy.

In 2011, the Off-leash Area Management Plan was developed to provide The City of Calgary with consistent, city-wide guidelines for operating off-leash areas.

Below is information about the off-leash areas currently under review for changes or new implementation.

Evanston proposed off-leash area

The City of Calgary has received multiple requests for off-leash space in NW communities, including Evanston. An analysis of available spaces in those communities was completed, and an area in Evanston was identified as a potentially suitable location.

The City hosted an information session on May 14 to gather feedback and gauge the level of community support to designate that space as an off-leash area. Citizens also had the opportunity to provide online feedback at between May 14 and May 28. Thank you to everyone for participating and providing valuable input.

Public Input Results
Most respondents supported an off-leash designation, the complete summary can be found at

The City of Calgary Parks has carefully reviewed the engagement feedback and input from stakeholders and will proceed with a pilot project designating the green space as off-leash. The pilot project will begin December 01, 2018 and end November 30, 2019. The off-leash area will include signage that indicates it is a pilot project, and garbage bins on-site.

Pilot Assessment
The pilot project will be monitored and assessed for responsible pet ownership and use, including the removal of pet waste, pet control, parking violations, citizen complaints and 311 calls. The pilot project will be reviewed in the late fall of 2019 to determine if the off-leash designation will remain.

The area is 1.5 hectares, and would be intended to serve residents who live within walking distance (up to 800 metres away).

Off-leash area adjacent to Queen's Park Cemetery

Project update - April 13
Calgary Parks has been asked to slow down the Land Use Re-designation application process. Next steps in the process will not move ahead until further notice. Comments will be preserved as part of the application file.

Public Sessions and Online Participation Opportunities
The City would like to continue discussions with the community, provide additional information and collect input. Specifically, we’re looking to:

  • Discuss proposed alternative sites for off-leash areas in the community.
  • Share more information about the land use application process.

Ways to get involved, learn more and provide input:

  • Attend one of two drop-in engagement sessions
      • Thursday, April 26, 6-8 p.m.
        Highwood Community Hall
        16 Harlow Avenue NW
      • Wednesday, May 9, 6-8 p.m.
        Highwood Community Hall
        16 Harlow Avenue NW
  • Provide feedback on the proposed alternative off-leash areas online through The City’s Engage site from April 23 - May 16 (more details and link to come).
  • Provide further comments on the land use application from April 26 – May 23 through the PD Maps site.

The Queen’s Park Cemetery has been serving Calgarians for nearly 80 years, and it is close to capacity. Queen’s Park is currently the only active City-operated cemetery, and the only burial option for Calgarians in the northern quadrants.

Calgary Parks has been working to secure new cemetery space for some time. This has included pursuing opportunities to locate a new cemetery in the north area of the city for the last ten years. It has also included developing the new Southeast Cemetery, which will open in the next few years.

It is important to Calgarians that we are able to continue offering adequate burial space. Expanding Queen’s Park would ensure we will be able to do so without interruption.

Land Use Redesignation Application
For the land to be used as cemetery space, it must be rezoned. A land use re-designation application (LOC2018-0062) was submitted to Planning and Development, but we will not move ahead to next steps until further notice. Learn more.

The opportunity for further comments on the land use application will be available from April 26 – May 23.