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Naturalized areas in parks


The City of Calgary Parks is changing the way we care for some parks and green spaces throughout the city. Portions of designated parks and green spaces have been selected to become more natural thereby increasing plant and animal diversity and reducing the need for regular mowing.​

Hardy grasses, trees and shrubs are being used as a Naturalization initiative to re-landscape select sites. Once established, maintenance may be reduced to simply controlling weeds and garbage removal.

Parks being naturalized

The parks being naturalized were carefully chosen based on the existing landscape and type of use the park receives.

Huntington Hills:

Monterey Park: along 68 St. N.E. (16 Ave to McKnight Blvd.)

North Glenmore Park: 7305 Crowchild Tr. S.W.

North Haven: 84 Niven Pl. N.W.

Royal Oak: 100 Royal Elm Dr. N.W.

Rocky Ridge: 9701 Rocky Ridge Rd. N.W.

Woodbine: sound berm bordering Anderson Rd. S.W.

For more information on the naturalization area in a specific park, call 311 and quote the number on the sign posted in that area.

Site selection criteria example

North Glenmore Park provides numerous outdoor recreational and educational opportunities. The way in which park visitors enjoy North Glenmore Park will not be affected by naturalization. The goal is to both maintain and increase the health of our parks and meet the needs of Calgarians. Prior to beginning the naturalization process within a park, there are several considerations which are evaluated prior to beginning work:

Are there areas within the park that are not designated for active recreation?
YES, North Glenmore Park has several large areas not designated for active use.

Would this area be suitable for applying alternative landscape techniques?
YES, North Glenmore Park is large enough to accommodate several different invasive species management technique.

Is this area or part of this area beside a body of water?
YES, the Glenmore Reservoir and a new water treatment storm pond are an integral part of North Glenmore Park.

Is this park or part of this park beside a major or special protection Natural Area?
YES, North Glenmore Park acts as a buffer and support area to Weaselhead Flats whose ecosystem requires special attention and preservation.

Why naturalize when the Weaselhead is so close?

Weaselhead Flats is one of Calgary’s most significant Natural Environment Parks. Reducing weedy species from North Glenmore Park decreases the risk of introducing weedy species into Weaselhead.

The addition of native species to North Glenmore Park will protect the transitional area between the natural environment and manicured areas.​

For more information, please contact Parks.​​​​​​​​​​