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Protecting Calgary's wetlands


It’s estimated that 90 percent of pre-settlement wetlands in Calgary have been lost to development. Our urban expansion could impact a further 8,000 wetlands.

The impact of surrounding development and stormwater management can have a detrimental effect upon a wetland – it compromises wetland diversity, water quality and water quantity. Therefore, careful planning during development is required to help ensure that wetlands remain viable.

Wetland Conservation Plan

Wetlands may be protected as Environmental Reserve through the Municipal Government Act (MGA), or through provincial legislation through the Water Act and Public Lands Act, but although these mechanisms may be used for wetland protection, they do not ensure that all wetlands are protected.

That’s why City Council approved the Wetland Conservation Plan in 2004, making Calgary one of the first municipalities in Canada to adopt a wetland protection policy that provides procedures for the protection of our priority urban wetlands. If you would like more information, please contact Parks.