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Common questions about Fee Assistance

If you have questions or concerns about Fee Assistance, please review this page. If your question is not addressed here you can contact 311 and ask to be put in touch with our recreation connector. More information is also available in the Welcome to Fee Assistance brochure.

How do I receive the Fee Assistance rate?

To receive the Fee Assistance admission rate, you must present your CURRENT Fee Assistance card to staff at the time of admission.

What if I lose my Fee Assistance card?

There is a $2.50 administration fee to reprint the first lost City of Calgary Recreation card. Any card re-print thereafter will be charged the full rate ($10). You can have the card re-printed at any City of Calgary Aquatic and Fitness Facilities or Leisure Centre. If the card has been stolen, a police report is required and a new card will be issued free of charge.

What happens if I forget my Fee Assistance card?

To obtain the Fee Assistance rate for admissions, you must provide a Fee Assistance card  at time of use.

Can staff ask for identification?

Yes, staff may ask for proof of identification when you use your Fee Assistance card.

What happens if someone else uses my Fee Assistance card?

If staff finds that your Fee Assistance card is being misused, they will revoke the card and notify the Fee Assistance Administrator. You will have to contact the Fee Assistance Office to find out if you can reapply.

Can the Fee Assistance card be combined with other offers?

No, the Fee Assistance card cannot be used in conjunction with any other special deal, promotion or fee reduction.

Are there further subsidies for seniors?

No, Fee Assistance for seniors is based on the adult admission rate. There is no additional subsidy for seniors.

What if I withdraw from a program?

If you withdraw after the program has started: No refunds will be given, and you will lose one of your programs you are entitled to at the Fee Assistance rate. However, if you withdrew because of medical reasons, you may apply your subsidy to another program.

If you withdraw before the program starts: No refunds will be given, however you can apply your Fee Assistance subsidy to another program.

When does my Fee Assistance card expire?

Your Fee Assistance cards expire 1 year to the day after approval, unless you are on AISH, then you are approved until you’re 65 years old.

When do I re-apply for Fee Assistance?

In order to re-apply for Fee Assistance you must apply to Fair Entry up to two weeks before your Fair Entry subsidy expires.​