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We make it easier than ever to be active and fit on a budget.

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Buy a Recreation pass

All of our passes include:

  • all self-directed activities (i.e. public swim, lane swim, fitness centre, weight rooms)
  • all drop-in instructor-led programs
  • unlimited use of the recreation facilities in your pass tier.

Build-a-Pass lets you tailor your Calgary Recreation pass to best meet your needs. You decide the tier. You decide the term. You decide which family members to include. Build-a-pass for a minimum of one month and a maximum of 12 months.

Build-a-pass Calculator

Use the build-a-pass calculator to determine the cost of your pass.

Begin application section
Build-a-Pass - Fee Options
Calculation Results
Pass Type:
Pass Term:
Adult (18-64 yrs):
Senior (65+ yrs):
Youth (13-17 yrs):
Child (7-12 yrs):
Preschool (2-6 yrs):
Total Price:
To purchase the family pass go to the facility of your choice. You may be asked to provide photo identification that includes your current address.
In cases where there is a discrepancy between this tool and facility pricing, final pricing will be determined by Recreation staff.
End application section

Build-a-Pass FAQ

What is Build-a-Pass?

Build-a-Pass is a pass structure that allows you to customize your pass for the length of term (one month to twelve months), include the family members who will use the pass and decide which facility tier you want to use.

What do you mean by facility tier?

The City of Calgary's aquatics and fitness facilities have been grouped into three tiers based on the amenities at the facility. The tiers are:

  • Leisure Centres
    Southland Leisure Centre and Village Square Leisure Centre
    These facilities are defined by amenities which include water parks, hot tubs, saunas, fitness centres, weight rooms, gymnasiums, preschool play rooms, two arenas, babysitting services and a large range of recreation programs and services. (annual pass also includes skating/shinny, discounts on preschool drop-in programs, and unlimited access to SLC’s squash/racquetball courts (pre-booking is required))
    *Leisure Centre passes are only valid at Leisure Centres. 
  • Tier 2 Aquatics & Fitness Facilities

    Tier 2 facilities are defined by additional amenities that may include enhanced fitness facilities; saunas and/or hot tubs; large locker rooms; babysitting services and a broader range of recreation programs and services.
    *Tier 2 passes are also vaild at Tier 1 facilities.
  • Tier 1 Aquatics Facilities

    Tier 1 facilities are defined by features such as standard pool basins and change rooms; limited or restricted fitness/health amenities, recreation programs and services.
    *Tier 1 passes are only valid at Tier 1 facilities.

Can I use any pass at any tier?

No. Leisure Centre passes are only valid at Southland Leisure Centre or Village Square Leisure Centre. Tier 2 passes are valid at ALL Aquatics & Fitness facilities (Tier 2 AND Tier 1). Tier 1 passes are only valid at Tier 1 pools: Acadia, Beltline, Foothills, Glenmore, Inglewood and Shouldice Aquatic Centres.

What constitutes a "family"?

A family Build-a-Pass must include one adult pass holder at full price and all family members must live at the same address. Additional adults receive a discount, and you only pay for the first two children (under 18 years).

If I buy a Family Build-a-Pass do they all have to be for the same tier?

Yes. There is no cross-tier passes.

If I buy a Family Build-a-Pass do they all have to be for the same term?

Yes. All members of the family must purchase the same term to be eligible for the Family Build-a-Pass.

What if my current pass hasn't expired? Can I renew early?

You can renew your pass anytime; however, your new pass will be effective at the expiration of your current pass and you will be charged the current rate.

If I buy a term pass for a Tier 1 pool, can I have a pass for the Leisure Centres too?

Yes. You can purchase a term pass for one Tier and a multi-visit pass (10X or 30X) for any other tier.

What methods of payment are available to pay for my pass?

Payment for all admissions and services can be made in cash or by VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, direct payment (interac), money order, gift cards or travelers' cheques. A convenient monthly payment plan is available for 12 month passes. (A one-time administration fee is applicable. Monthly payment plans valid at Leisure Centres only).