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Booking a tee time - questions and answers

Frequently asked questions/answers for the Tee Time Reservation System process for both phone and online bookings. And here is general information regarding to "How to book a tee time".

Things you should know before you book a tee time


Tee time FAQ - before you book

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​​Golf Account holders are required to enter their barcode and Family PIN number to access the telephone reservation system. This will secure all reservations made by you and eliminate booking errors that resulted from incorrect barcodes being entered in the system. The combination of Personal Barcode and Family PIN number also provides consistency between phone and online booking processes.

If you do not have a Golf Account, you can make reservations up to four days in advance with your 10-digit phone number but ONLINE access to tee times is only available to Receation Account - Golf holders.

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​​In the peak volume booking period (6 a.m. – 7 a.m.) your tee time will be placed in a queue and processed in the order they are received. Once a tee time search request is submitted, you will see the request has been received and where the request is in relation to others in the queue. Every fifteen seconds the queue is updated and will display your current position. As bookings are processed your position number in the queue will change accordingly.

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Only one tee time request per customer can be in the queue at a time. If a user attempts to submit more than one search utilizing additional windows or browser sessions all previous requests will be cancelled. The system will only allow one search or booking transaction to be completed per login.

If you are looking to book more than one tee time simply complete one booking transaction then submit your next request.

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If you do not have a Golf Account, then your 10-digit phone number is required to book tee times up to 4 days in advance. The 10-digit number should include your three digit area code combined with your seven digit phone number.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The first time you use your 10 digit telephone number, it will be registered in the system so you can access tee times. When you use this same phone number again, the system will prompt you for a PIN number. Simply press the number sign (#) key located on the bottom right of your phone to continue using in the system. Should the phone number you entered be registered to a Golf Account holder, the Family PIN number assigned to that customer is required. The number sign (#) key noted in the above will not work. This is a security feature in place to protect the information and bookings of registered Golf Account holders.

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Over the years, we have seen a significant trend towards online booking access accompanied by increasing customer demand for both systems to open at the same time. As a result both phone and online bookings will be available at 6 a.m. for booking of tee times four days out.

Though the method you choose to make a tee time reservation has been expanded (phone or online), be advised that the actual number of tee times available has not increased. Tee time availability is not guaranteed and is subject to seasonal daylight hours and demand.

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There is over a million people living in and around Calgary and no more than 500 tee times available per day at ALL City of Calgary operated Golf Courses combined. This limited supply of tee times is subject to demand. Tee times at the 18-hole courses and weekends are in highest demand. New tee times are released at 6 a.m. to accept bookings four days in advance and at that time there is literally hundreds or sometimes thousands of customers simultaneously attempting to book a tee time by phone (403-221-3510) or book a tee time online. The booking process is relatively fast with many individuals being able to search for and book a tee time in one minute or less. Like any limited commodity, tee times are booked as long as there are times available. The most popular tee times are between 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. and they do go quickly.

Maple Ridge Golf Course is a very popular facility. There are a limited number of tee times available on any given day and during peak golf season (mid-May– end of July) a maximum of 95 tee times are available for booking. When daylight hours are diminished in the spring and fall even fewer tee times are available and the most popular tee times at Maple Ridge are between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. (56 tee times). When new tee times are released at 6 a.m., over 60% of customers attempt to book foursomes at Maple Ridge. With so few tee times combined with high demand the course fills up quickly ad the popular tee times can be fully booked in 3 to 4 minutes. It's feasible for all tee times at Maple Ridge to be reserved in less than 8 minutes.

TIP: If you can be flexible with where, when and the number of players in your group there is almost always a tee time available at any of our 8 courses.

Helpful tips as you look for and book that tee time


Tee time FAQ - helpful tips

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Go to the online tee time booking page and you will see what tee times are available by clicking on the "View List of Available Tee Times" button. You do not need to be logged in to view and tee time information is refreshed every 15 minutes. Choose the date you want to play and click on "View List of Available Tee Times" button. Once the "view only" screen opens, click on the arrow beside the course name to see available tee times on the date you selected. Then proceed to search for and book the time either online or by phone. Note: Only registered Golf Account holders are able to utilize the online reservation system to book a tee time.

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Register to receive a Golf Account. It's free and it's easy. With your personal barcode and family PIN number you can book tee times up to four days in advance either online, via the clubhouse, by phone, or with our free golf app. Non-registered golfers (those without a Golf Account for Golf) do not have access to the online booking system, but do have 4 day advance access via the phone with a valid phone number.

Check the system often. Many golfers modify or cancel their bookings before the day of play. By checking the Reservation System often you might just get the tee time you wanted.

Make a same day reservation or be a walk-on player: Last minute cancellations and modifications to tee time bookings occur daily. See "How do I make a same day booking?" for more information.

Enhanced search features for online bookings (available after 7 a.m.): Enhanced tee time search features are available online to assist golfers in finding available tee times after the peak booking period which runs from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m.

Search All Courses – Choose "All Courses" under the Golf Course drop down list. Then select the number of holes you want to play (9-holes or 18-holes). The system will search for available tee times at all applicable 9 or 18 hole Golf Courses.

Multiple tee time options – After 7 a.m. the online booking system is configured to offer you two tee time options to choose from (if available).

Try to be flexible: You can improve your odds of getting a tee time if you are able to be flexible with when and where you play. Try a different Golf Course, reduce the number of players in your group or consider playing later in the day when the courses tend to be less busy.

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Please use only one browser window at a time when attempting to book tee times. If you open a new browser in order to search for a different tee time, the tee time(s) in the previous browser will be released for booking by other customers. This is done to prevent attempts to use automated programs from blocking tee time access to other customers.

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Due to the high demand the one minute time limit is in place to allow reasonable access to tee times for as many golfers as possible.

When you find a tee time available online or by phone, it is reserved and held while you decide whether to book or continue your search. During the one minute time limit no one else can view or book that tee time. Should you decide not to book the tee time, it is "released" and made available to other golfers. After one minute the system will automatically release the tee times for others to view and book. If you exceed the time limit simply re-submit your tee time request to see if the tee time is still available.

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The Golf Tee Time Reservation System is busiest between 6 a.m. – 7 a.m. when new tee times are released for booking four days out. It is particularly busy on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings when we accept weekend tee time reservations. During this timeframe, there are literally hundreds and sometimes thousands of golfers simultaneously trying to access a very limited number of tee times either by phone or online.

In order to ensure efficient system processing of tee time requests the number of people accessing the system at the same time is controlled regardless of which method you choose to make your bookings (phone or online). Without limiting the number of tee time searches that can occur simultaneously you would experience gridlock as more people would be accessing the system than there are tee times available.

If you receive the "system busy" message when you are booking online it means the maximum number of online users are currently accessing tee times. The booking process is typically very quick so be sure to try your search again in a few moments.

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The system is configured to find the closest available match to the search options you select (i.e.: date, Golf Course, time, and number of players). There are days at some courses when tee times are fully booked, but more often than not there is something available. To find the available tee times try changing your search options. Here are some tips that may help:

Select the earliest time you are prepared to play. The system takes the time you selected and starts searching by going back 15 minutes and proceeds forward through the rest of the day to find an available tee time. If no times are available matching your request try the following.

  1. Enter an "earlier" time to begin your tee time search.
  2. Reduce the number of players in your group. Space may be available for one or two players.
  3. Try another Golf Course.
  4. Change the number of holes to 9 holes (applies to 18-hole courses only). At 18-hole courses tee times later in the day are designated for 9-hole play only.
  5. Check back often as tee time cancellations and modifications occur regularly.

Now your tee time is booked, other questions you may have:


Tee time FAQ - other questions

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You can add another golfer to your pre-existing reservation via the phone in reservation system only. This feature is not currently available online. Call 403-221–3510. When prompted, Press 2 to confirm, cancel or modify your tee time.

Follow the prompts and you will be able to access the feature allowing you to change the number of players in your group (maximum of four players). You will only be able to increase the number of players if space is available in the tee time.

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Whether you use your Golf Account ID (barcode and family pin number) or your 10-digit phone number you may only book a maximum of two tee times per day regardless of golf course. This limit is in place in order to reasonable tee time access to as many golfers as possible.

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You can make a same day reservation by calling the clubhouse directly on the day you wish to play.

Yes, you can also make a same day reservation two or more hours in advance through the reservation system (phone, online and via our new golf app). Note: The same day bookings feature is available after 7 a.m. daily.

Walk-on players are also welcome and will be accommodated as space and time permit on a first come, first served basis. Please be advised that priority will go to players with reservations.

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Currently the Golf Tee Time Reservation System (phone and online/golf app) allows for same day bookings and confirmations only. You must contact the clubhouse directly to make same day cancellations or tee time modifications.

The ability to cancel or modify a booking for today is being considered as a future enhancement, but is not available at this time.

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NO. The new online booking process is transaction based similar to other online reservations systems (i.e. event ticket sales, airlines, etc). If the screen is refreshed while a search is in progress, you may lose your place in line and be logged out of the system. You may even be locked out of the system for 10 minutes before being able to login again.

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​​It is important that once you have completed all of your golfing related tasks that you use the “Log Off” button. Doing so ensures the system knows your Golf session is finalized. If you don't log off, the system 'remembers' that you had a previous golf session and you may be locked out for up to 10 minutes before you can login in again.

DO NOT “X” out or close your window without logging off. By closing your window without logging off, you are abandoning your golf session. If a search is in progress not only will you will lose your place in line, but you will also be locked out of the system for 10 minutes before being able to login again.

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​​To change your search criteria once a request is in the queue, you must cancel your initial search by clicking on the “Cancel Search” button. You will be taken back to the main screen where you can change your tee time search options. Your request can not be cancelled if you've reached the front of the line and your request is processing.

Do not “X” out or close your window without logging off. By closing your window without logging off you are abandoning your golf session. If a search is in progress you will lose your place in line and be locked out of the system for 10 minutes before you can login again.

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Clicking on “Search Again” creates a new request. During peak booking period (6 a.m. – 7 a.m.) each request submitted is handled similarly. The request is placed in the queue to be processed in the order it is received.​​

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​​You will need to wait 10 minutes to be able to login in again. It’s important to NOT “X” out or close your window without logging off. The new technology being used works differently than the previous method. By closing your window without logging off you are abandoning your golf session. As a result you lose your place in line and are locked out of the system for 10 minutes.