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Sir Winston Churchill Aquatic & Recreation Centre accessibility

At this Location:

Please note: We are working to improve access so that everyone feels like they belong and can use our services. Access is worked on during the planning, design and construction of projects. While much has been accomplished, it is acknowledged that more remains to be done to improve access. Not all parts of the facility may be "accessible for all". So ONLY the areas of the building that are barrier-free are listed on this webpage. See the detailed description to know whether your access needs will be met before you go.


  • 5 designated accessible parking spaces (4 on east side & 1 on west side of building)
  • Accessible path of travel leads from parking lot to the entrance


  • Front entrance is at ground level (no stairs)
  • Push Plate/Button opens door


  • International symbol of accessibility identifies barrier-free areas of facility
  • Facility Signage has a strong colour contrast


  • Universal ‘single use washroom’ in lobby
    • no power operated door
  • Female Change Room – barrier-free stall
    • no power operated door to enter change room
    • centre line of toilet is positioned too close to side wall
  • Male Change Room – barrier-free stall
    • no power operated door to enter change room

A water wheelchair is available to provide access
from the change room to the pool deck.

Interior building elements

  • 2 floors/levels in facility is accessed via stairs
    • Fitness Centre, Multi-purpose (fitness) Room & Spectator Area are on 2nd floor
  • Reception counter has:
    • a barrier-free section
    • a counter induction hearing loop
  • Swipe card mechanism is between 800 - 1100 mm from the floor (reachable from a wheelchair)
  • Fire alarms have audible & visual (flashing light) signals
  • Barrier-free path of travel through corridor to:
    • Change Rooms
    • Female Change Room: narrowest width within is 860 mm
    • Male Change Room: circulation within has a clear width of at least 920 mm
    • Pool deck
    • Colour contrast edging around the pool
    • Aquatic wheelchair available - rated at 350 lbs.
    • Pool Access (water entry/exit):
      • Portable stairs with handrails
      • Vertical ladder
    • Multi-purpose Room
    • No power operated door
    • Vending machine in lobby