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Bow Passage Overlook - Community Engagement

The following outlines the numerous Community Cultural Development activities that evolved from the Bow Passage Overlook public art project. This public art project is an environmental artwork outlined in the UEP Public Art Plan.

The Community Cultural Development team within the Public Art Program, in partnership with Water Resources, Parks Foundation Calgary and the Inglewood Community Association, initiated a series of community events and workshops that referenced, explored and celebrated Inglewood’s relationship to the river.

The goal of this undertaking was to provide meaningful engagement opportunities that create a sense of pride and greater connection between the Inglewood Community and the Bow River. They also provided an educational opportunity regarding the river and the watershed, as well as an opportunity for celebration and enjoyment of the public art being developed in Bow Passage.

To achieve this goal, the Program invited Inglewood residents and businesses to share, through a number of mediums, their personal connections to the community and the river. Through these participatory events, the Program: 

  • Engaged a broad spectrum of Inglewood Community members
  • Provided new information to the participants
  • Created a greater sense of connection between community members
  • Created a greater sense of connection between the community and the river 

The opportunities included:

Know the Bow: Interview Series

A series of interviews with those who live and work in Inglewood was produced to capture a broad cross-section of the community’s connection to the Bow River.  

View the interviews:  

Know the Bow: Stories through Art Workshop

Expanding our approach to capturing local stories and experiences, interested community members were invited to join one of two half-day facilitated workshops in which they expressed their histories (as they relate to the river) through the medium of their choice – be it prose, poetry, music, visual and/or performance art, and more.

Night of Narratives: Inglewood and the Bow River

An evening event where residents gathered to share collected stories and celebrate. Attendees were joined by Harry Saunders, Calgary’s Historian Laureate, Ward 9 Councillor Carra, and other special guests. Select stories from the first two Know the Bow initiatives were shared.

These sessions helped the Program highlight the sense of pride and connection inherent in the Inglewood community toward the Bow River, and built upon this unique and meaningful relationship.

River Mythology Project: Ripple

The River Mythology Project is the final phase of the Bow Passage Overlook Community Engagement - the culmination of five years of artists working within the community of Inglewood to better understand and explore residents’ relationship to the Bow River.  

River Mythology Project artists Mary Tasi and Wade Baker of Sky Spirit Studio have spent the last year working with Inglewood residents, including the Inglewood Community Association and local business owners, as well as First Nations Elders, to create a project with and for the community while acknowledging the importance of the area to First Nations history. The result is Ripple - a walking circle that provides a peaceful place to ponder the river.