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Celebration of the Bow River


River of Light

Celebration of the Bow River is a temporary public art event that pays homage to our city’s Bow River and merges ecology, artistry and community to bring the river into public focus.

Launched in June 2010, the first instalment of this ongoing program saw six temporary public art projects that were linked, both figuratively and physically, to the Bow River and its watershed, and that drew thousands of citizens out to experience our urban environment in a whole new way.

The inspiration for Celebration of the Bow River came from the Utilities and Environmental Protection (UEP) Department Public Art Plan. This public art plan, released in 2007, is founded on the principle that public art, in collaboration with other disciplines, can create remarkable places that encourage sustainability and stewardship of the environment.

Here you can learn about what the Bow River means to Calgarians - we encourage you to submit your own reflections on this precious resource.

You can learn more about the Celebration of the Bow River 2010 event here.

Related News and Updates

  • River of Light, by artists Laurent Louyer and Creatmosphere, was recently named one of the Top 50 public art projects in North American by the Americans for the Arts Network.
  • The City recently released the legacy piece for this past summer's Celebration of the Bow River series, which is available here for purchase or download.
  • Boats launched as part of Peter Von Tiesenhausen’s Passages project continue to be found. An installation of these works can be found at the new Environmental Education Centre located at Ralph Klein Park (12350 84 St. S.E.).