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Life Near Gjoa Haven

Life Near Gjoa Haven is a 12 piece art exhibition of Inuit textiles in our Civic Art collection that is available for short-term loans to schools and groups. Teach your students about Canada’s rich Inuit history with these colourful textiles.

The collection features the works of Jessie Kernek, Martha Kogiuk and Bessie Nahalolik. The artists present the Inuit way of life by depicting the traditional activities that take place with the changing seasons.

The works come with an interpretive guide that offers suggestions to teachers on linking the artwork with the Alberta curriculum. Schools and community groups interested in hosting the exhibit can contact the Public Art Program.

Images from the exhibit

Hosting the exhibit

As a host, you would be expected to provide a secure environment for the works on display, promote the artwork within your organization and/or community, take full advantage of opportunities to integrate the collection into other activities, and most importantly - enjoy the art!

The exhibit requires 50 feet of wall space, but it does not all have to be in one area. There are 12 pieces altogether and each is in a Plexiglas case approx 36"w x 24"h x 3"d.

The collection can be on loan for a minimum of one month to a maximum of three months. Requests are gramted on a first-come, first-served basis so it is important to plan ahead and book early.

The host is responsible for the cost of transporting the pieces to and from the school. A City of Calgary staff member will work with a representative from your organization to select an optimal location and will then install the exhibition complete with labels for all the artworks.

The host will be responsible for a $500 deductible on any artwork damaged while in their care.

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