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Open Spaces: Windows to a View (2009-2010)

In 2009, ten artists were chosen to participate in the first Open Spaces: Windows to a View program from May 2009 to April 2010. Below are the featured artists for the 2009-2010 exhibition year.

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Photo gallery

About the Artists

Vincent T. Joachim

Joachim likes to tell stories through a fusion of photojournalism and multimedia.

"Chronicles of Stephen Ave," is a photo project which began in July 2008. The artist has taken more than 2000 pictures in this year long project. "There is so much history, culture and interesting people located on Stephen Ave," Joachim says. Audiences are invited to view a photo story that documents the street with candid, documentary and humorous elements.

He also enjoys capturing landscapes, urban scenery, sports, culture, colour, reflections, night photography, hip-hop music, travel, waterscapes, clouds and diverse 'story telling' subjects.

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Vera Parlac

Parlac is an architect and educator focused on an investigative approach to design and practice.

She is interested in the links that open new ways of transposing information among different systems, perceptions and facts that form architecture.

Her current design interests are at the intersection of new materials, material formation, and tectonics. The artist experiments with composite materials that embody behaviour and have capacity to adapt under external and internal influences.

In Shifting Terrain, Parlac engages the viewer through movement and its intricate geometry.

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Billie Rae Busby

Hailing from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Billie Rae Busby interprets ordinary places in a fresh, new context through her abstract landscapes. “I am stirred by the sharp, significant lines that construct both rural and urban scapes,” she says. Billie Rae uses intersecting and overlapping diagonal lines to create perspective and break open the flatness of the land into geometric planes of strong colour interactions. Her compositions are often layered and distorted to create contrast and the notion of seasons and time.

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Alice Helwig

Alice uses techniques such as collage, texturing, glazing and underpainting to explore the prairie landscape. “The landscape imagery has become spiritual and dreamlike. Themes of alienation, awe, personal epiphanies, and prayerfulness emerge. Originally from Lethbridge, Alice teaches part time at a private school and for the Wildflower Arts Centre.

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Mandy Stobo

Mandy is an emerging Calgary-based artist who has shown throughout western Canada. She works mainly with the concept of visually creating images that reflect our reality and the subtext within each realm. Her constant experimentation with color, composition and its relative subject matter has become a visual signature for the young artist. Aside from her personal painting work, she also has been bringing art to many in the city with her corporate painting parties, live painting events and various charity events in and around the city.

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Christine Nagel 

Christine was born in England and emigrated to Canada to teach in 1957. She admits her "love of the landscape was slow in coming but when [she] began to really 'see' it, [she] started painting." Nagel's images are representational, and while they may not fit "the modern scene", she enjoys the pleasure they bring to people and hopes they may not only provide a interesting contrast to the more modern artists showcased in the windows, but may also bring back good memories for some passerbys.

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Nikki Gour

Nikki is a Calgary-based artist and graduate from the Alberta College of Art & Design with a major in sculpture. She is fascinated by our daily interactions with inanimate objects and her work focuses primarily on everyday found objects. Manufactured objects carry important information, ideas and emotions that we all relate to based on our personal interactions with them, and it is from here that she gains her inspiration. Questioning a found object's value, she challenges viewers' perception, value of, and relationship with the object in question.

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Peter Greendale

Peter is a Calgary area artist who has shown throughout western Canada, and whose works are included in the Kelowna Art Gallery, the Alberta Art Foundation and the Grant MacEwan College Public Collections. The work presented (see the first image showcased above) focuses on the concept of the horizon as a metaphor for what awaits us in the future. The site specific installation is critical to its understanding. Situated directly across from a busy, impersonal CTrain station, the drawing takes us to a private personal space where we can contemplate that which lies ahead.

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Julie Chapdelaine

Julie a mixed media artist and ACAD extended studies instructor, is pleased to introduce five works from her "Birdhouse" project. Julie's intention is to create a "sense of space, a sense of place" familiar to Calgarians living amidst the prairies. By creating multi-dimensional environments and interfacing elements from both urban and prairie, she explores how they might shape one another into something that is unique to our place.

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In-Definite Arts Society

In-Definite Arts Society is a creative visual arts centre that gives artists with developmental disabilities an opportunity to express their identities and uniqueness. The name In-Definite Arts expresses the idea that the potential of all people is, in fact, 'indefinite' and that artists help each other on their collective but individual journeys to express their potential. In-Definite Arts has touched the lives of artists, their friends and communities for more than 30 years.

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