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Public Art Guiding Principles and Values

​The following are the guiding principles and value statements that, along with the Public Art Policy and Program Strategic Direction, drive a holistic approach to The City's investment in public art and position the Program as an intrinsic collaborator in the development of The City's public places.

Open and Transparent Processes

The Public Art Program will rely on open and transparent processes to ensure equitable and respectful practices for all, e.g. call to artists and juried selections.

Community Input and Engagement

The Public Art Program values community engagement and will provide a variety of opportunities for public input, involvement and enjoyment.

Sustainable Funding and Responsible Management 

The Public Art Program believes that a successful and enduring public art presence in Calgary relies on sustainable funding, responsible management and strategic planning.

Inclusiveness and Accessibility

The Public Art Program strives to provide visual art opportunities and initiatives that are accessible to all members of the public. 

A Diversity of Opportunities for a Diversity of Artists

The Public Art Program is committed to providing a wide range of public art opportunities for a diversity of artists, i.e. from local to international, emerging to established.

Support Artists and Their Intellectual Property

The Public Art Program will pursue fair, respectful and professional working relationships with artists. The City acknowledges the artist as full owner of copyright, including moral rights, and will negotiate the transfer of certain rights through individual artist contracts.

Integrity and Stewardship

The City acknowledges its role as trustee of the Public Art Collection on behalf of the citizens of Calgary and the Public Art Program shall preserve the integrity and security of public art through comprehensive collection management systems, standards and procedures.

Capacity Building

The Public Art Program is committed to providing public education opportunities that foster learning, inquiry and dialogue.

Inter-disciplinary Collaboration

The Public Art Program believes in the notion of collective creativity and a shared cohesive vision for Calgary's public art. The program actively encourages inter-disciplinary collaboration with artists.