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Utility Box Artist Roster - Alexandra Haeseker

Artist statement

My MFA thesis was on Isolation of the Human Figure in Space. Ironically, my practice as a visual artist now investigates how groups contain individuals, like swarm theory or chaos models. I look carefully at how creatures from nature, insects, schools of fish, crowds and line-ups of people operate under systems that are instinctual. My work tends to have highly colored pigmentation, and dynamic compositions. Psychologically my interest in the figure holds my attention, but in different contexts.  

The element of play has always been there, and story-telling where I often have incorporated my friends into the interplay as models somehow. I've placed figures on county roads, at edges of oceans, on boats, at dog shows, inside disaster sites, flying, in farm fields, or wrapped in plastic bags. Objects or toys have always been representational devices in my work add clues to what you are looking at inside the picture.


Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • Fish Eye
  • West Ride Story
  • Spinner
  • Big Catch
  • The Dark

Artist bio 

ACAD 1966-68, BFA honours University of Calgary 1963-66,  
MFA degree in Painting University of Calgary 1970-72,
Faculty of Fine Arts The Alberta College of Art + Design in Calgary Canada 1973 -2003.
Lecturer Emeritus ACAD 2004 / Immigrant of Distinction Arts and Culture Award Calgary 2006.

Invited Exhibitions:

  • International Biennial Contemporaine, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Liège, Belgium 2015
  • THE DEEP / solo exhibition for The Centro de Arte Moderno, Madrid, Spain 2014
  • The New World, MODEM Museum of Contemporary Art, Debrecen, Hungary 2013
  • Matrices Award, Magjar Electrographic Art Association, Budapest Hungary 2013
  • International Biennial Contemporaine, Trois-Rivières, Quebec Canada 2013
  • Al-Mutanabbi Street Project, The Centre for Book Arts, New York City USA 2013
  • IMPRINT 2011 International Triennial Warsaw Poland
  • Akademija Centre for Graphic Art + Research, Belgrade, Serbia (solo invited/ touring) 2010
  • Krakow International Print Triennale Poznan Museum, Poland 2009 
  • Novosibirsk State Art Museum International Biennale Russia (invited) 2009

Community engagement

I would meet with any group who represents the community and ask them what they think art is. From there I would ask them who they are and what is unique about living in this area or part of this city. I would like each of them to allow me to photograph their faces. I would be interested in having them show me where they have walked or stood nearby. I would ask them to pick up something they find in the street that can fit in their hand. I would ask them what kinds of books they read. Can they draw me a picture of their pet, their plant or themselves?

From these investigations there are small bits of who some of the people are who live here.  And with that material I can produce a collective art reflection from these details.

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