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Utility Box Artist Roster - Jason Scott Johnson and Nicola Yssel Johnson

​Artists' statement


The contemporary social condition is one of ubiquitous technology that enables multiple sets of information to be quickly accessed and displayed simultaneously through a variety of mobile and often disposable media. This project exposes these layers of information within the city through a tangible display of information flows mapped on some of the nearly invisible (yet physically present) infrastructure that allows for its delivery.

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • Capture
  • Process Concept
  • Victoria Park Pop-up Bench
  • Kasian Gallery Wall
  • AX 2011 Wall
  • Cellular Phone Booth

Artist bios

Jason Scott Johnson

Jason Johnson is trained as an architect and has spent the last 10 years involved in community-based projects that leverage digital design tools in the production of material artifacts at various scales. These projects often involve engaging community organizations in design workshops that deploy digital design processes that translate images and date info formal assemblages. His work has been featured in numerous galleries and he has received a number of design awards and grants in support of his work.
Nicola Yssel Johnson
Nicola is a musician, photographer and writer who specializes in documenting the every day experiences of Calgarians through visual and narrative means. She has worked extensively as a freelance researcher in the areas of community engagement and the arts.

Community Engagement

Our vision for this project is to engage the selected communities in a process that identifies the aspects they most value about their neighbourhood. This will take the form of collecting visual and narrative data through interviews and photographic documentation. We will then use a number of digital processes to translate this material into two-dimensional patterns that can be painted onto the utility boxes*. Community members will be given the opportunity to produce their own versions of the project through a short three-to-four hour workshop. The artists will then take a version of the project they have produced and use it as the basis for creating the artwork.

*See Process Concept image. 

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