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Utility Box Artist Roster - Tiina Moore

Artist statement

My art takes two forms: large acrylic abstracts and digital works.

Large acrylic abstracts: I prefer to paint large canvasses using lots of colour straight from the tube. I use lots of energy when creating the paintings. My hope is that the positive energy that I put into creating the paintings is obvious to the viewer and connects them to the energy.

Digital Art: I have been honing my digital art for the last couple of years. I’m taking the ideas of vibrant colour, motion and energy that I express in my traditional art and taking it to a much higher level. The digital art allows me to experiment more quickly, fearlessly and more productively. I am currently experimenting with a variety of high-resolution printing vehicles to showcase the art. I am having great success with printing onto metal, acrylic sheets, canvas and fabric including silk and cotton.

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • Gorgeous Orange
  • Vanishing Horizon
  • Swirl
  • Shazam
  • Lucious

Artist bio

I immigrated to Calgary from Finland when I was three years old. I studied Psychology at the UofC and have had a successful corporate career in high-technology sales and human resources. I have lived in Sunalta, Glendale, Haysboro and currently reside in Strathcona.

For most of my life my sabotaging mind told me that I had “no artistic skill whatsoever” so I came to the joy of painting late. It has only been a few years and even though I still learn from every painting I can say that I have a body of work; I’ve participated in some large shows; I’ve sold some commissions and I have a studio.

Community engagement

Vision:Through the use of photography, adults and children in the community will provide the starting image for the digital artwork for the utility box.


  1. Artist will help the community association to organize and market an introductory meeting to describe the photography challenge.
  2. At the meeting describe the theme and the requirements for the photography challenge. Possible themes are LIGHT, SHAPES, METAL or NATURE.
  3. Collect and assess all photographs and send a thank you to all participants. Two to three week deadline for photographs.
  4. Artist will select a starting image. Community member selected will co-sign the digital piece.
  5. Create an abstract digital piece using the neighbourhood photograph as the starting point.

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