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Utility Box Artist Roster - Ricole Fedyna

​Artist statement

My confidence as a public artist blossomed while painting public murals and creating street art living aboard. Now with my feet rooted back on home soil I am excited for this opportunity of continual growth with my vision to keep creating moments of pause and celebration with artwork reflecting our natural world weaving within our urban domain. The aim with my personal artistic style is to create moments of bliss, intrigue and a taste of quirky delight. I love designing for the public as I feel the work transpires past that of the artist and becomes one with the community. When creating this mural I hope to engage the community, to share in the process and to remember that it is in these small interactions that community is created.


Photo Gallery - Unclassified

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  • Sadhana Forest

Artist bio

{Solomon Bandi aka Ricole Fedyna} - I am a grower of greens, a harvester of herbs, a stirrer of soup, a painter of public walls, a singer of the forest, a hitcher of rides and hiker of mountains, a stoop-sitter, a waterer of soil. Blossom the wild within.

I want to live simply and share the beauty living in everyday awareness of Her–Mother Earth/Gaia– through unexpected mediums and forms. I strive not just to create art, but to live life as an art. To lovingly craft a meal to share, to sit in soil drawing and talking to the dandelions, to see the beauty in washing dishes.

Community engagement

My vision and potential approach for involving the community into this project is to create the space for people to feel it is they as the community who creates this project, and that I as the artist am but a vessel to the influences and inspiration I feel and respond to. My vision is to take the time for individual connections, to open myself and therefore have people respond and feel important in this process. I feel that creating a space that encourages community members to linger, to sit, to talk, to sing, to share a meal, even to help paint - only adds to the creation of a public project such as the Utility Box Program.

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