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Varying Proximities - Public Artwork

Varying Proximities - Public Artwork

Title of Artwork: Varying Proximities
Artist: Broken City Lab

Varying Proximities is a two-part series of temporary public art works aimed at provoking dialogue, cueing new relations and sparking memories of our rivers, which are defining features of our city’s character.

  1. Temporarily affixed to 100 stormwater outfall signs along the Elbow and Bow rivers, Subtext: River Signs playfully asks a series of questions aimed at encouraging Calgarians and visitors to think about the ways in which we individually and collectively experience our rivers.
  2. Dial 1-844-OUR-BOW-RIVER from anywhere in the world and immediately be transported to Bow River’s banks.
Varying Proximities public art

With a simple introduction "Hello. One moment as I connect you to the Bow River.", you begin to experience the Bow’s rushing, gurgling and babbling efforts to connect to you.

Over the course of a year, Broken City Lab worked as one of four artists in residence through The City of Calgary’s WATE​RSHED+ Artist Residency program. During the residency, Broken City Lab worked alongside City staff at the Water Centre, exploring how Calgarians and visitors experience and relate to the watershed.

"Broken City Lab’s project playfully invites us to consider the importance of our relationship to our rivers through a new lens, asking questions we might of a person or a relationship. This temporary installation situates us, the public, as the questioner and responder, a type of concrete (or perhaps more accurately, fluid) poetry between a citizen and their river."

- Sans façon, WATERSHED+ Lead Artists

About the Artists

Windsor, Ontario-based Broken City Lab is an artist-led interdisciplinary collective and non-profit organization working to explore and unfold curiousities around locality, infrastructures, education and creative practice leading towards civic change.