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West LRT Public Art Citizen Engagement

The Public Art Program is committed to incorporating citizen engagement throughout the course of the West LRT public art process. An engagement plan has been developed to guide the planning and execution of a variety of opportunities for interested community members, stakeholders and citizens at large.

The engagement plan includes:

  • A Community Advisory Committee (with representatives invited from 10 communities adjacent to the line, the two impacted Councillors, the Public Art Board, the Calgary Heritage Initiative, and involved City staff) that will meet throughout the public engagement process for the purposes of providing feedback and advice on a variety of items related to both the public engagement process and the public art process, and to bring forward issues and concerns related to items under discussion on behalf of their community or the organization they represent.
  • A public Community Workshop session (which took place on Saturday, June 14, 2014) to introduce the project and the process, capture community expectation, and engage interested citizens in the development of guiding principles that will inform the RFP, the chosen artist’s approach, and the project as a whole. The workshop included presentations on the public art process, the project and the history and current state of the Centre Street Lions. (Check out What Was Said and the Summary Report for more information.)
  • Online survey to gather input from those unable to attend the Community Workshop.
  • An expanded selection panel to include three community representatives. Interested citizens are encouraged to submit to an open application process
  • Artist-led focus groups, prior to concept development, to allow face-to-face dialogue and discussion between the chosen artist and demographically-diverse community representatives about the site, the community, the users and the expressive potential of the West LRT line. Participants will be chosen through an open application process
  • A Public Information Session where the artist/artist team will present his/her past work, and preliminary conceptual approach for the West LRT line. Feedback received will be considered by the Public Art Program and the artist/team in the development of the final concepts.

If you would like to be considered for an artist-led focus group, please submit your interest here.

If you would like to be considered for the West LRT selection panel, please submit your interest here. ​​