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Arena and Meeting Room Information

Arena Information:

Application Forms:


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Arena Booking Information

  • Minimum Booking time: 1 hour plus 15 minutes for flooding after each group (no charge for flood time).
  • Users have access to dressing rooms 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after their booking.
  • If the date and time you wish to book falls within the next 2 business days contact Facility Bookings.

Arena Special Event Application Information

  • Note: If your tournament does not require any special arrangements or approval of irregular arena activities, the regular arena application form may be used.
  • To request a tournament or special event booking, complete the arena tournament and special event application form. 
  • If your application is approved we will require a $26.25 non-refundable administration fee.
  • A 25% non-refundable payment is due within 7 days of receiving your permit. The remaining balance is due 30 days before your event/tournament.

Arena Renewal Rights

  • Renewal rights exist when a group has a booking of 10 dates at one arena for the same time period on the same day of the week(Example: at least 10 bookings at one arena, Wednesday evenings from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m). Renewal bookings are based on your organization’s historical use at each individual arena on a session to session basis (Fall renews to Fall, Winter renews to Winter).  
  • If you delete dates from your renewal permit during or for the season resulting in less than 10 bookings you may risk losing your renewal rights. It takes 2 years to establish a renewal and 2 years to lose a renewal. This practice allows established renewal groups some flexibility as unforeseen circumstances may arise. If a group falls below the 10 booking minimum for 2 years in a row; the renewal is lost.
  • New renewals are groups that have qualified for renewal status for the first time. These groups are offered a renewal if there are no operational or historical booking conflicts. Established renewals are groups who have booked a minimum of 2 years in a row. If your booking is considered a renewal, you will automatically receive a renewal permit the following session. You will not have to apply for the space, and you will be given the option to cancel the renewal permit without charge.

Arena Payment Information

  • Payment for 5 or less dates booked is due immediately.
  • Payment for more than 5 dates is due in full 14 days before the first booking date.
  • If payment is not received by the due date, we will cancel the permit and you may lose your renewal rights.
  • Payment options - You can pay for your booking by phone, in person, or by mail. Click here for payment instructions.
  • Your permit is your official invoice.

Arena Cancellation Policies

  • Please review our standard cancellation & amendment policies that apply to all regular bookings.
  • You can cancel or change your booking using the amendment app or by contacting Facility Bookings
  • Additional Cancellation and Amendment Notes:
  • Cancellations or amendments must be received by Facility Bookings a minimum of 30 calendar days before the booking date.
  • No cancellations or refunds are allowed on Spring/Summer Arena bookings (April – August).