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Boat Stall Information

Boat Stall Information:

Application Forms:

Contact Facility Bookings to book


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Boat Stall Booking Information

  • Boat stall rentals are available at the Glenmore Reservoir from May 1 until October 31. Boat stalls rented after May 1 are prorated to reflect use date booked.
  • Heritage paved and South Glenmore lower paved lots have security gates, which open at 6 a.m. and close at 11 p.m. sharp daily during the season (May 1 - October 31).
  • Boat stalls are for boat storage only.
  • Access to the Glenmore Reservoir is not guaranteed in the spring because of flood control measures which include lowering the water level of the Reservoir.

Boat Stall Application Information

  • Book a boat stall by contacting Facility Bookings.
  • The permit is not transferable from the registered permit holder to another individual.
  • Permit stickers must be visibly displayed on bow of boat or front of trailer. Stickers will be mailed to customers once payment is received.
  • Stalls may be reallocated based on recommendations of the Boat Patrol.
  • The City of Calgary reserves the right to remove any boat at the owner's expense if the boat is parked in the wrong place, does not exhibit a permit sticker or is present after Oct. 31 of the year.
  • Boats are parked at the owner's sole risk and The City of Calgary is not liable for any loss or damage to boats parked in rental spaces.

 Changing a Boat Stall Location

  • If you would like to transfer your boat to a different available boat stall location you must submit a transfer request with facility bookings.
  • Check for stall availability on
  • Contact Facility Bookings to make a transfer request

Boat Stall Renewal Rights

  • If a stall is cancelled part way through the season it will not be considered for renewal status.
  • If you vacate your stall prior to Oct. 31, a refund will be issued, but renewal rights for that stall will not be available.

Boat Stall Payment Policies

  • Full payment is due immediately.
  • New customers: can pay by phone or in person contact Facility Bookings.
  • Renewal customers:  can pay by phone, in person, or online by logging into your account on Click here for payment instructions.
  • Your permit is your official invoice.

Boat Stall Cancellation Policies

  • Please review our standard cancellation & amendment policies that apply to all bookings.
  • You can cancel or change your booking using the amendment app or by contacting Facility Bookings.
  • Additional Cancellation & Amendment Notes:
  • A refund is given from the date cancelled to the end of the season on Oct. 31st. All the dates previous to cancellation date are not available for refund.
  • If you vacate your stall prior to Oct. 31, a refund will be issued, but renewal rights for that stall will not be available.