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School programs - swimming, grades 1 to 3

We provide schools with a number of swimming lessons and programs for students in grades 1, 2 and 3. Our Learn To Swim program offers classes from the Lifesaving Society.

swimming lessons for students in grades 1 to 3
swimming lessons for students in grades 1 to 3

1 to 3

Available at our Aquatic and Fitness Centres and Leisure Centres.
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Registration / more information:
To inquire about availability and/or pricing for school programs, please call 311.


Swimmer 1

These beginners will work on safe entries, exits and moving through the water. They'll do floats, glides and kicking on their front and back without assistance. They'll even explore jumping into deep water and treading water with their lifejackets on.

Swimmer 2

These children will be able to jump or side roll into deep water, tread water, and swim front crawl and back crawl. They'll try vertical whip kick and work on their endurance through introductions to fitness interval training.

Swimmer 3

These children will dive and do forward rolls into deep water. Watch them learn handstands and front somersaults underwater. They'll work on their front crawl, back crawl and whip kick and add some interval fitness training to their practice. By the end they'll be able to meet the Swim to Survive standard: roll into deep water, tread water (1 min.) and swim (50 m).

Swimmer 4

In these lessons kids will advance further with their front crawl and back crawl. They'll get introduced to breaststroke arms drills, underwater swims and front crawl sprints. Interval training will add to their fitness level.

Swimmer 5

These swimmers will try eggbeater kick, head up front crawl, and shallow dives. And just for fun try tuck jumps and underwater back somersaults. They'll go the distance with front crawl (50 m), back crawl (50 m) and breaststroke (15-25 m).

Swimmer 6

In these lessons children will master eggbeater and scissor kicks, front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke. With the interval training and sprint racing drills they'll be ready to make the 300 m endurance workout. Next step: on to the Canadian Swim Patrol program.


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